SAIC Wux webPress tool crane at SAIC MOTOR, Wuxi, PR China
In a record time of only six days, CATS commissioned its OptiSway® sway control and semi-automatic system on a new press tool crane at SAIC MOTOR in Wuxi, PR of China. Thus, worldwide 26 CATS-OptiSway® systems are now in use for this type of crane - the first of which was installed in 2010. Two more are already in order. The customer was very satisfied. Thanks to the precise and simultaneously highly dynamic load positioning of the CATS-OptiSway® control, the press tools are quickly brought to their destination with an accuracy of +/- 5 mm and zero pendulum oscillation. To ensure this accuracy, OptiSway® also controls the synchronous move of the cranes buffer beams to +/- 1 mm. Any rotational sway of the load is simultaneously corrected to an accuracy of +/- 0.2 degrees.

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