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At FAW Hongqi automotive plant in Changchun, China, an enhancement of the automatic function of the reliable CATS-OptiSway® load sway control has been used for the first time on two new press tool cranes. These are now able to place tools with high precision at their target coordinates as well as subsequently retrieve them without human assistance. In combination with a higher-level warehouse management, a highly efficient, unmanned crane operation system has been implemented at FAW Hongqi.

This became possible thanks to the precise and – at the same time – highly dynamic load positioning by the CATS-OptiSway® control system, which quickly brings the press tools to their destination on optimized 3-dimensional trajectories with an accuracy of +/- 5 mm and zero sway at stop.
To ensure this accuracy, OptiSway® also controls the synchronous move of the cranes drives to +/- 1 mm. Any rotational sway of the load is simultaneously corrected to an accuracy of +/- 0.2 degrees.

Thanks to the OptiSway® rotation sway control, the tools can be rotated quickly, precisely and without residual sway by 90 or 180 degrees, if required, using the rotation gear of the load attachment device, also at +/- 0.2 degree accuracy.

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